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SEO Ireland tips and rankings for Google

The current business world is changing its gears and becoming digitized. This is one of the reasons businesses are using online marketing platforms to reach their targeted audience. These online marketing platforms range from email marketing, social media marketing and the use of SEO, commonly referred to as search engine optimization.

SEO comprises a

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How to Rank Top of Google in Ireland

How to Rank Top of Google in Ireland

A lot of studies have been conducted on how to make your website get high Google rankings. There have been many conclusions and recommendations which researchers have come up with. However; most of these findings are not effective when tried practically. Check out this detailed

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Social Signals A Ranking Factor You Need To Master

Social Media is quickly becoming a major factor in SEO. A strong and active social media presence has the potential to push you above all of your competitors within search engine rankings. So in case you are still not convinced lets go through it in more detail for you.

Social Signals WHAT?
Ok so

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What Makes Shareable Content On Social Media

Around Here at Proseo we have been improveing allot on our current social media presence so with that we decided to look into what makes content shareable. Considering we are now working with some major brands and small business on there social media. With our social media packages check theme out HERE. We are

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What Digital Advertising Methods And Platforms Should You Implement?


We all work hard at achieving success from organic search results. But when we consider paying for advertising we have often decided against it. But let’s face it paid advertising works and works very well when planned, managed and implemented correctly. Especially if you are not creating content on a regular bases you will

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If Your Business Is Not Social Your Losing Out

f your business is not social your losing out (2)

Are you missing out on the power and influence of social media? Utilising the power of social media to broad cast your company’s brand and message to the masses. Can generate a following of phenomenal proportions for your brand and message. Below is a list of some of the significant benefits of using social

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How To Create A Buzz And More Likes For Your Facebook Page


You may not be a big name brand on social media yet, but you soon could be. By implementing a few simple strategies over a long period of time could make all that happen. Having face book page likes will ensure that you have a large audience to market your products and services to.

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Continuous SEO Investment Yields Positive Returns


A farmer like a good SEO consultant does not work the odd day to ensure he yields results that will sustain him throughout the year. Furthermore he does not take a break the next year round and kick up his feet for the year. Successful farmer’s like SEO consultants must works tirelessly every day and

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First Blog from PRO SEO

Here is our First Blog Post.

Over the last 2 years Google have made a lot of changes to their search engine and the way it looks at websites and ranks them. The Panda Algorithms and the Penguin updates have rocked the SEO world and changed the way things are done forever and

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The Google Pigeon Update

Late last week Google released an algorithm update that so far seems to only affect local search listings. This update has been dubbed “Pigeon” by Search Engine Land, Google has not given an official name for it yet.

So far all we know is that the update is related to local search only and

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The Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a revolutionary marketing method that has changed how companies promote their products online. Content marketing is a huge part of inbound marketing, and as such is very different from conventional outbound marketing and advertising. Below are some of the important benefits of content marketing that have popularized its use.

The first

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Google Plus And Your SEO Strategy

Social media has taken off and has had a big impact on today’s SEO. Google’s social media site Google Plus, has come in and promises to offer more help for better ranking on the search engine’s search results. Described as a service connecting social media, communications and people with the aim of helping your

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