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Why We Are the Top SEO Company in Dublin!

PRO SEO and Web Design are a Top ranking SEO Company who provide professional SEO Services in Ireland.

As official Google Partners, we are confident we can help you to achieve top rankings as we ourselves Rank Number 1 in Google.ie.

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Most of the so-called SEO Companies that are in Ireland are not even based in Ireland! This is a major problem with trust between the Company and its customers. Imagine not being able to meet your consultant them face to face? Instead, having to use Skype to talk to them in a different Country. This form of distant communicate is not the best way to start off your online Campaign.

We provide you with top SEO Services that you deserve and provide you with the best experienced Irish Consultants that know and comprehend the Irish Market. Our Irish search engine optimisation Company understands your individual business requirements and we are always available to you by email or phone 6 days a week. We were Voted one of the best SEO Ireland companies consistently every year for a reason!

Our highly skilled and experienced  Web Design specialists, custom design and build the best type of mobile-friendly responsive websites to achieve the maximum visibility in Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. We make sure that each professional website design is Search Engine Optimization friendly also.

We also provide a list of SEO services such as:

conversion rate optimisation

Conversion Optimisation 

With our professional Conversion Optimization services, your website will at least double its conversions to Sales Leads and also your Return on Investment. We have an understanding that the better quality and more proficient your website is, it will then have a positive effect on increasing conversion rates. By implementing essential page optimisation strategies, we can guarantee to increase your conversion rates and maximise your online sales. By having the experience and knowledge of understanding visitor behaviour, our skilled conversion experts can effectively implement a conversion strategy to convert more of your increased traffic into sales.

link audit

Link Audit Service 

A Full Link Audit Service will be provided which will evaluate all your Backlinks and find Suspicious and Toxic Links that are harming your websites Performance. We can then take effective measures to improve your website’s backlinks. Our SEO company has a proven track record of implementing effective link risk management strategies for our clients. By using the best link audit tools and having Ireland’s best backlink experts in-house, we can perform an in-depth link auditing and identification process.

toxic link audit

Toxic Link Removal 

As part of our SEO services, we also offer a Toxic Link Removal service to get rid of any Bad links that are hurting your websites SEO Performance. We can then generate a Google disavow request, manually requesting that any links of our disavow lists to be removed. In addition to this, we will then create high TF natural backlinks to dilute any toxic links that have not yet been removed.

Google AdWords Remarketing

 AdWords Remarketing 

AdWords Remarketing is an effective tool in any online digital marketing campaign. Our team of professional SEO consultants will implement and manage your remarketing campaign through the Google AdWords platform. Remarketing enables your website to show visible ads to your target visitors across the web. In terms of branding your business online, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so.

PPC Management

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management 

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management is the quickest way to gain extra traffic to your website. We are official Google Partners & qualified AdWords professionals and pride ourselves on managing effective PPC campaigns that will lower your cost per click and generate more revenue for your online business. By understanding your target audience, we can create eye-catching landing pages that will convert a lot better. Contact us to get your FREE Pay Per Click Audit!

SEO friendly web design

Easy to Rank Website Design 

Our web design team can create, easy to rank website designs (search engine friendly websites) for online business. This can be anything from a website rebuild to a new build. We sometimes recommend websites to undergo a rebuild to enhance our SEO progress even further. With the fast evolving web, a website rebuild is always very helpful in keeping in line with new algorithm changes. Our SEO friendly website designs rank better and convert better!

link building

Natural Link Building (Offsite SEO) 

Panda/Penguin friendly natural link building (offsite SEO) is now more important than ever due to the most recent algorithm updates on Google. If you are seeking positive sustainable results that are future penalty proof, natural link building is always the best approach. With our proven link building methods, we have delivered unbeatable results for our clients time and time again. Our main focus is not on quantity but on quality of the links being created. By steering away from black hat tactics and untrustworthy sites, we can guarantee to achieve sustainable results. PRO SEO uses only the very best white hat SEO techniques and strategies to achieve your high-ranking goals!

seo services agency dublin

seo company Dublin

Onsite SEO Services

  • Implement an effective keyword research
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Script-free flowing meta, rescript duplicate meta and script empty metadata
  • Resize images if needed
  • Increase page loading speed
  • Format proper page headings (H1, H2 and H3 headings)
  • Scan website for broken links and fix them
  • Scan for server errors
  • Fill in image alt tags and GEO tag images
  • Identify and rescript duplicate content
  • Advise on adding more content
  • Increase or decrease keyword density if needed (spam checking)
  • Implementing social link icons
  • Blog posting (we can also script blogs as an additional service)
  • Internal linking and outbound links
  • SEO friendly URL changes
  • Ensuring your website is mobile friendly and responsive


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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a modern form of digital marketing that has become a very important part of an effective search engine optimisation strategy in recent times. This has become even more apparent since Google’s Fred update in 2017. This major modern algorithm update negatively affects sites that have low-value content. On the other hand, Fred will reward your site for having plenty of valuable and unique content. Some studies have shown that some low-quality content sites have seen a drop in traffic of up to 90%. Other areas that it effects sites are if they have an abundance of ads present, low-quality content, not being mobile friendly, having duplicate wording, and deceptive adverts that trick people into clicking them. You will know that your website has been affected if you have seen a drastic reduction in rankings from the middle of March 2017.

PROSEO is one of the very few digital marketing companies in Ireland to have in-house SEO content marketing experts. We understand that natural link building compliments quality text. Our team of professional scriptwriters can bulk up your page wording, create informative blog posts and produce video content related to your products and services. By integrating this into our SEO strategy, we can achieve amazing results for our clients!

So what is Content Marketing? 

In simple terms, content marketing is the creation of valuable and shareable content such as interesting readable wording, quality high-content blog posts and video content. This enables us to boost your companies brand awareness, drive more visitors to your pages, increase conversions and sales. If you have high-quality wording and information on your page or blog post, it should rank higher on Google. This will make your pages more appealing for other websites to link to, thus improving rankings by a second means.


Why is it so Important for a Search Engine Optimisation Campaign?

Content marketing has now become a crucial aspect of any effective SEO campaign. The Google bots read your page text, index it, and then rank it accordingly. If it is done correctly, your web pages will become more visible in search engines. By answering people’s questions related to your products or services, you will gain rankings for long tail keywords and gain more relevance to your website for searchers. You are then expanding your clients and buyer potential, thus growing your online business more effectively.

Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics in a Survey:

  • Relevant Content Creation: 57%
  • Keyword Research: 49%
  • Integrating Social Media: 39%
  • External and internal linking: 36%
  • Mobile Friendly/Responsive designs: 34%
  • Meta Title tags & Descriptions: 26%
  • Page loading speed: 24%

Best SEO Agency in Dublin & Ireland

Our award-winning SEO agency offers cost-effective onsite and offsite search engine optimisation services for your website. “Your website doesn’t appear on Google for searches?”

Well don’t worry, we will get your digital marketing campaign sorted and get you visibility on relative searches related to your business. You can get professional SEO in Dublin that will guarantee to get that all-important first page Google searches you’ve always wanted. With us, you get guaranteed results from our services every time!


PPC & Google Adwords Management

Our Professional PPC management services are not to be beaten.

  • We will complete a full Account review / Split Campaigns & ad groups up to improve your Quality Score.
  • Moving keywords into correct ad groups, which will improve the Cost per Click & their overall Quality Score.
  • Check all the account settings and Geographic Targeting.
  • Check and tweak all Bidding to suit Campaign
  • Add up to 12 Negative Keyphrases
  • Provide and Script good eye-catching ad Copy for all Adverts.
  • Destination page URL to take potential clients/customers to relevant pages
  • Receive reports showing Performance Monthly

SEO Friendly Web Design in Ireland

Based in Dublin, Monaghan and Kerry, PRO SEO was formed in 2010 with an aim to succeed in a very competitive ever-evolving marketplace. We set out with a plan to be Number 1 in Dublin & Ireland for SEO.

In November 2014, we were awarded Number 1 Web design Company in Ireland & we still hold that title today.

PRO SEO provides a wide range of products, one, in particular, is Web Design with a difference, as we also offer SEO & Mobile Friendly Web Design which is responsive to all devices such as smartphones, desktops, tablets and laptops.

This type of design is not that common among Development Companies as it is more time consuming to build, but you the customer will benefit greatly with a website that will rank quicker and better.

Teamed with some Conversion Optimization, effective onsite SEO and “Call to Action “Statements in the right places, our innovative Web sites will Convert 20% to 30% better than your standard website.