Do you need SEO for your Website?

Success isn’t an overnight miracle when it comes to SEO, but with the correct approach and patience, it is always within your reach. So here is a brief introduction of what exactly is SEO and how you can utilise it’s potential for your business effectively.

SEO is short for Search engine optimisation and is a very powerful tool once used correctly. It briefly means a technique used to help your pages reach higher rankings in search engine outcomes. This will then increase your site’s visibility and thus encourage it to take off, making it climb past the competition. The more eyes and audience on your website you have the easier it will be to build an audience you can count on. If you are considering hiring an SEO company, then I would highly recommend the sooner the better. The best time to hire one would be when you are considering a site redesign or planning on building a new website. This way your website designed will be SEO friendly from the bottom to the top. Having a good foundation is the key to quicker success!

Here is a list of headings I am going to go discuss why you should consider investing in organic SEO

It is Cost-Effective

With proper optimisation, online businesses can expect long-term benefits and sustainable results. Long-term profits are your overall goal and making fast cash is always the best thing. Fast cash can be made with Pay-Per-Click advertising, but it can be risky. Each visit will cost you money, even though your return on money pays for it, so therefore your money would be wasted in the long term. So, that is where Organic SEO will come into play. It is an effective form of digital market advertising and you will see a higher return on your investment over time. Effective website optimisation will attract thousands or even millions of people to your website, which would give you guaranteed prospects for your business. The durability of your SEO allows for costs to be prolonged over a long period of time. It might take a while to get to the highest results on search engines, but staying there will eventually bring in prolonged flows of traffic, thus gain you extended revenue and a cost-effective SEO campaign. Learn how to gain more website traffic!

Essential for Authoritative Link building

Link building remains a crucial task that is required for search ranking and traffic success. Link building simply means getting other websites to link back to your website. Google wants to provide the user with the most relevant results possible. The higher number of quality links that you have directed towards your website the more authority you will have (they are just like votes). To maintain the long-term visibility of your online business and website, you should only use a natural link building strategy. With all the Google Penguin updates in recent years, it has now become more important than ever to have a natural link building strategy. Find Penguin friendly link building tips here!

There are many ways of getting other sites to encourage them to link up to yours such as:

  • Create higher levels of quality content: Write unique and high-quality content that people will want to link up to and share.
  • Reviews: Put your products and services in front of popular bloggers or social media followings.
  • Links from friends: Ask your friends, work colleagues or people you know to link to your website. Even links from the same general industry as yours will still add substantial value to your business.

For effective Keyword Research

The first core task in every SEO strategy should be executing keyword research. This involves identifying popular keywords and phrases that other people would enter their search engines such as Google. This is the foundation of any campaign and will pave the way to success in relevant areas of your business, so it should be well researched and implemented. Once you can master the art of finding the best keywords that would work for you, this will benefit you from more search engine traffic and you will then know your customers better. There are two main factors to remember with keyword research: 1. Search volume (number of monthly searches), 2. keyword difficulty (competitiveness of the keyword). The structure and length are a very important factor in SEO also. We can differentiate with 3 types of keywords such as Short-tail, medium tail, and a long tail. Basically, if your keyword is lower volume it will be substantially easier to rank for. Once you have tailored all the correct keywords around your page, you can then watch your website skyrocket to the top of Google, gaining you more traffic, leads, and profitable sales.

An SEO professional can make life so much easier

Another reason why you need SEO for your website is: Having the suitable search engine optimisation is always necessary for any business to become more visible in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you want to appear and remain above your competition, then you must do everything they are doing and even better. They are doing this for a living and have the knowledge and skills to add great value to your business. They can help you storm your way up the search engines, which will evidentially help your business grow at a faster pace. Search engine optimisation experts are results orientated, no matter how long it takes they can guarantee you results. Most SEO experts will specialise in every area from Keyword research, traffic analysis, building natural links, programming in HTML, creating effective marketing strategies, analysing client’s competitors, researching the latest SEO practices, and much more. At PROSEO we understand that it is very important to remember that proper website optimisation takes time and not to expect drastic results overnight. Patience is one of the rules of any digital marketing campaign.

Improving the user experience

If someone was to visit your website and they thought it was unattractive or found it difficult to browse through, they are likely to leave straight away, this will then create bounce rates that will impact your rankings on your website. To avoid increased bounce rates, it is important that you work on creating a better user experience. If you provide this effectively, your website will convert more of your existing traffic, thus creating more sales. Here are a couple of points as to how you could improve the user experience of your website: 1. Every page should count and not just the homepage, but all pages for SEO, user experience, and conversion. You want your pages to click from page to page in a smooth navigated way. 2. Always make your content relevant to the reader. If it is a more pleasant page to read, they are more likely to stay on the page longer. 3. Your page loading time: This is a critical point to your visitors because if they get impatient, they are far more likely to leave your site. So my advice you would be to check your page load time carefully from many browsers through your phone or computer.


The importance of Quality Content Creation

Writing high-quality content should be the main focus of any effective SEO strategy. To drive traffic to your website, you must build up an abundance of quality content related to your online industry. Having rich content will add immense value to your business and audience, which will then enhance your reputation as a brand leader. Websites that consistently generate new wording should see a very steady increase in their search traffic and improve the position in the search results. Writing effective, rich and well-written content will help sell your business. Blogging for your business is an excellent way of generating traffic to your website and will boost the index of your website also. You should also make your new wording as relevant and fresh to the user. Write your posts to include popular topics, so it may be shared on social media. See Moz’s tips for creating quality content. New activity on your website will rapidly have search engines like Google or Yahoo to check your pages more frequently for new content.

It will never stop working

It is highly unlikely that SEO will be going out of style anytime soon. Every year SEO brings fresh developments and is an ever-evolving form of digital marketing. The bottom line is, SEO is essential for your business. If you want your business to become competitive and grow, investing is more important then ever. SEO can significantly improve your traffic, visibility, creditability, and branding. New technology may change the way we search on the internet, but search engines will always be around. Optimizing your information will help you to keep in line with the consistent evolution in the world of SEO. The reality is, as more and more people connect with their devices to the internet and perform searches, it is then becoming very important to reach them through effective search engine optimisation each day. The ones who will be winners are those with the better content and are able to search for information as fast as possible. SEO will progress and change, and you and your company will evolve with it, so start growing your online presence today!

SEO will help people to find your website

Your website is your first point of contact with your audience online. The only way your website and company are going to exist on search engines for anyone and for anyone to know the name of your website, SEO is the only way forward. Modern and effective SEO should be rooted in your companies projections, marketing, and strategies. This way your business will generate new leads, attract customers, and new prospects.  The most important thing to remember is “content is king” which in turn will help your website get views and will also help to sell your products. Your content should be appealing to the person reading it and you should think of how much content you must need to keep the person on your website for a longer time period. For existing websites that have been online for years that may have poor rankings, this is where SEO comes into play. A lot of companies see results in a few weeks or months.

It Will Accelerate the Building of your Brand

Building your companies brand can often be one of the most chaotic, costly, and complex aspects of marketing. In the hope that your brand will become memorable, many angles and things are put in front of your potential clients/consumers. When they are ready to purchase a product or service related to your business, you then hope that your brand has stuck to their mind enough to generate revenue. Effective SEO has the ability to accelerate your companies branding, by making it more memorable and visible. By ranking top on search engines, the larger amount of people who visit your site will become more familiar with your company. Giving you more of a chance to get orders and for your brand to become memorable on a large scale. The larger amount of traffic and clients you receive will create return customers, create extra brand awareness through word of mouth, and make your website more appealing to search engines.

Organic SEO Beats Pay Per Click Advertising

Possibly you currently are successfully using PPC advertising effectively (Google AdWords).  Even if this is true, the statistics have proven that organic SEO drives 75% of search engine traffic in Ireland and internationally. Pay Per click advertising only accounts to 25% of traffic driven by search engines. The moral of the story is that organic search engine optimisation wins hands down as the most effective digital marketing strategy. Focusing too much on PPC is only unlocking the potential of the tip of the iceberg. Organic SEO basically is the hidden part of the iceberg, which contributes the most. If you are currently dominating an online marketing source that offers 25% of traffic overall and gives you excellent awards, imagine how more effective your campaign would be if you could harness the other 75%? Find out more tips why you need SEO for your website.





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