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Why Use Our Company Search Engine Optimization Services?

Customer Rankings

At ProSEO our promise and guarantee is to get your website ranking top in Google with our experience and expertise. Our Multi Award Winning SEO Company is here to achieve the best for our Customer Rankings. If your current rankings are not improved then we offer you a money back guarantee.

We are a proactive SEO Company who constantly keeps our customers up to date with their ranking progress. We send out ranking reports every 2 weeks to our customers to keep them up to date with their progress. When your ranking goals are achieved we can then keep your current rankings at a steady high with our SEO Maintenance plan. This will ensure that you consistently achieve high rankings and keep your sales at a high for the future.

Achieving top rankings benefits:

  • Will increase traffic to your website
  • Will improve your current position in search engines
  • Increased Conversion rates when combined with conversion optimisation
  • Increase your sales
  • Increase your company awareness
  • High ROI when investing in SEO compared to other marketing strategies
  • Increase customer enquiries
  • Heighten your brand recognition

Below are the steps used to achieve top Customer Rankings:

  • Indebt Keyword analysis
  • Proper URL Structure
  • Meta Descriptions and title tags
  • Page content
  • Keyword Density
  • Link Building
  • Toxic Link Removal
  • Social Media
  • Google indexing
  • SEO Maintenance