Why add your Irish Business to Google Maps?

Google maps is a hugely important and useful modern online marketing tool that everyone will have used at one time in their life. Many people will not be as reliant on Google map directions or local maps, but it is very useful for those people who may be planning a road trip holiday around Ireland and may need a map to guide them on roads, places and distances. Google maps is an extremely good promotional and advertising tool for all small to medium Irish companies. The purpose of small to medium businesses in using google maps is because any larger businesses they usually have different exposures and as they are well known companies to people in certain towns and motorways. Also, most people would then generally know that they are there. On the other hand it can also be a useful tool for large corporations online marketing strategy.

Google maps can guide your business by letting people know where you are located and the specific area that you are in and letting them know there is a business with the required services and products.

Advantages of having Google Maps for your Irish businesses

The 3 core reasons why Google maps should be added to your Irish business:

  1. By adding Google maps to your Irish business, you are receiving an online presence to people showing them where your business is located, and these people will get to know your company. A lot of people will browse over the street or area that you are located at and will then learn of your location.
  2. To be shown on Google maps you will need to be on Google places for businesses. This is a great advertisement for small to medium sized businesses. Google places for businesses is like a business directory and it plays a massive role in search engine optimisation. When people look for your products and services related to your business it will show up on the search results. By using Google maps or Google places for your business it will get you ranking on the first page of the search results quicker than any other form of digital marketing. By showing up positively on local searches, having good onsite optimisation and organic SEO is not the reason why you are ranking locally. This is simple due to setting up your Google maps properly. First place visibility on search results is now possible in a much faster and convenient way.
  3. For anyone who may want to find or visit your store or business location Google maps, this will show them the exact directions which are extremely accurate.

How to be found on Google in Ireland for free

Most consumers, almost a staggering 97% will search online for local businesses. If you want your business to be seen, then go with Google places for your companies online marking strategy. It is a brilliant form of free advertisement to help your business stand out from the rest. To show your customers why they should choose your agency, you should consistently update your business pictures, address, and open hours by using places for business. Showcasing your agency this way is the quickest, cheapest and most effect type of modern online marketing.

Connect Better with your customers

Having your business on Google is important as it will benefit people in finding, sharing, and they will recommend to all their friends and people across the internet. By having places for business this will allow you to reply to customer reviews and see what people are saying.  This is vry important for potential clients or customers to trust your brand, product or service.

How to get started using Google Maps

To get started in using Google Maps you should set up a Google Account if you do not have one already, as it is important to start up your Google map information. You should set it up by using a name that you will be familiar with and that will match your specific branding name.

To get your business listed on Google Maps, you need to go to this address http://www.google.co.nz/local/add and fill out all the details that are needed. The mot specific details needed would be your company name, country, street address, city or town, phone number, email address, post code, website, business description and category.

It is important to remember the more information you provide the better it will be. You should also give a specific webpage URL for the intention of sales. It is important to give specific keywords that best describe your products or services and write an appealing description about your business to attract attention. To get your business noticed quickly on Google Maps you should optimise your lists for search engine crawlers. Furthermore, you should also set up an account for Google Places.

Should I Hire a SEO Company to Set up Google Maps?

If you are a small to medium online enterprise, then setting it up the map listing yourself is completely fine once you follow the steps. If you are unsure and want it perfected, then hiring a SEO company or reputable Irish digital marketing agency is always a good idea. For larger companies, hiring a agency to complete this is almost always essential. There are many Irish search engine optimisation experts who can assist you with setting up your google maps and optimising it effectively. In terms of investment is at the lower end of pricing for this type of online marketing service. Companies generally charge less for this compared to organic SEO or link building. If you are currently have a SEO company working on your website, this may be added on as an additional cost to your current package.

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Memo: Confirming your PIN and validating your listing.

You should be patient as it may take up to a week for your listing to show up on Google Maps even though it will probably show as active on your dashboard. Also remember to put in the correct business category so you can show up for relevant local searches.

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