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Why Use Our Companies (PAY PER CLICK) Services?

PPC (Pay Per Click) Audience

Your PPC visitors will be different from Organic search visitors to your website. For PPC Management, we prepare the best-researched keyword list and wording for your AdWords campaign. Search Engines: Google is the dominant player in Ireland with about 96% of the market share. This is where we will focus our efforts to get your targeted prospective customers interested in your specific product or service. Effective audience targeting is one of the key foundations to success on any of our AdWords campaigns.


PPC & Adwords Goals

Why are you advertising? The best PPC Management & services are goals-driven. PRO SEO will professionally work out exactly what your Google AdWords campaign should achieve for your business and what budget it may take to achieve this goal.

Keywords: We select the ‘niche’ keywords that will deliver the most relevant traffic to your website for the lowest possible cost. We start with our unique keyword selection process and create keyword lists that include search terms, synonyms, misspells, plural/singular and long tail Keywords also. For your PPC Management campaign, we will also create a negative keyword list, these are the keywords that you don’t want to be associated with your website and will save you spending your budget on non-relevant clicks.

Pay Per Click ( PPC) Management / Adwords Advertising

Pay Per Click ServicesFor PPC Management of your account, we script relevant ads that focus on each keyword group individually, using the best keywords and phrases to create the most effective AdWords campaign for you and your business.

Landing Pages: We make sure your targeted audience gets to the page that deals with the keyword that they have typed into the search engine. This ensures that the customer’s user experience is better, giving you a much better conversion rate for your business. Measuring AdWords: We continuously track your AdWords campaign performance for click thru and conversion rate, and will tweak each keyword group for optimum performance.

Benefits of An Eye-Catching Landing Page

  • Targeted and focused Messaging which will make the main focus of your page a lot stronger.
  • Can instantly increase conversion rates by as much as 25%.
  • Simpler campaign analytics measurement: It is more clear-cut as the visitor either completes the desired action or does not.
  • Compliments and helps organic rankings due to generating more traffic to your website.
  • Have more visual design freedom: If your website builds imposed architectural restrictions, you will not have to conform to them, giving you the freedom to experiment more visually to attract your users.
  • Will reduce your bounce rate.

Remarketing to Your Visitors

This can be implemented through the Google AdWords platform and allows you to show ads to visitors across the web who have already visited your website and is a very cost effective way of branding your business online.


The reality is that many visitors to your website will leave without taking any action so, re-engaging these otherwise lost visitors through a targeted remarketing campaign can be a very effective way of turning a lost visitor into a potential customer. Running special offers through a re-marketing campaign on the Google AdWords platform to specific pages on your website can be a very powerful method of gaining new customers.

We specialise in creating highly effective remarketing campaigns that re-engage otherwise lost visitors to a website.