Strategies That Makes Your Images More Shareable On Social Media

Around Here at PRO SEO we have been improveing allot on our current social media presence so with that we decided to look into what makes content shareable. Considering we are now working with some major brands and small business on there social media. With our social media packages check theme out HERE. We are gaining some considerable insight into social media and know what works. But there is always room to improve so lets look into shareable content and find out what works.

You like ourseleves know how engageing images can be on Social media. It’s great to have an active page with quality content that adds value to our audience and this is what we already do. But it’s time now to take things to the next level a facebook page needs shares, likes and comments to really make the time and effort spent on social media worth it. Hopefully  by the end of this article you will find out what will help make this happen.

Strategies That Makes Your Images More  Shareable On Social Media

  • Feeling’s And Emotion’s: When You Pull at peoples heart strings they are more inclined to share and like your images.
  • Colours: Colours have a significant effect on people’s emotions so choose well and you will connect with your audience.
  • Relevance: Stay relevant yo your niche current and ensure what you share what your audience wants.
  • Font & Typefaces: There is so many typefaces to choose from its difficult but get it right and you will discover what best suits youy
  • Wording Text and Hashtages : Content without hashtags, mentions or text just becomes invisible amongst the noise on Social Media

We will discuss the above elements in more detail so you can take advantage from it and you social media presence will take off.

Feeling’s And Emotion’s

Often images shared out on social are not thought of as content but it is and should be treated with as much care as a blog post. So it’s time now to create epic content that gets likes and shares. Its easy to just pick images quickly with little thought but that just wont cut it any more. We also have been guilty of the same so its time to get more creative and add more value to our audience and see what happens. Below is a short list on what to keep in mind when creating images to share.

What To Keep In Mind When Creating Images

  • Adds To The comments you made
  • Statistics are easily digestible by viewers
  • Quotes are universal and are an easy fix
  • Give thought provoking statements and images
  • Go beyond and further than the content you’ve written

This is a short list but has all you need to know when picking and creating images to be shared out. Just keep in mind that these imagers need as much thought and effort as your blog posts.

Images With Emotion (How To Create Them)

When you get this right you will make a big impact on your social media presence. This includes five different aspects that will make this work for you.


Images that convey a number of emotions have a greater potential to go viral. Positive feeling photos can achieve a high number of views and this is what you need to achieve first. Your image needs to be able to stop the viewer in their tracks while they scroll through their feed. To do this you need to choose images that will inspire a variety of emotions amongst your viewers.


Its amazing when you realise how important colours are at conveying emotions within people below is a busy chart that shows the effects some colours have on emotions.

Font & Typefaces

Typfacing is just as important as is imagery so let’s get into that part of shareable content. The images and fonts that you choose says allot more to your audience that you might realise. So To Make it easier for you to understand font and how it effects emotions below is a chart we put together so you can use as a reference.

The purpose of putting so much attention into font colour and imagery is go beyond the norm and deliver quality. Here is a further quick guide that will allow you to pick your perfect fonts.

Choose Understandable fonts:If you can’t read it your audience wont and that will just not do so be critical of the font you choose maybe even get a second opinion.

Three Time Rule: Try three types of text on the image you have chosen. Compare them when there beside each other the choose the best one.

What Emotion Do You Want: Now that you know how colour and font effect emotions now you will be able to get your audience to become emotionally charged by your content.



This is pretty much optimising the content you post up online a well chosen hashtag can become a significant part of your brand. The best way to explain this by giving you an example below.

The # This Girl Can campaign from the UK had the simplest marketing strategies. With an image of ordinary women exercising with a short message simple but works really well.

This Campaign resulted in over 62 thousand followers with a high engagement rate. This was all achieved within less than a year a great achievement. Below can be your check list when running campaigns. Well it turns out there is no magic formula for text on images. All it really has to do is answer these questions:

  • Does it fit my layout?
  • Does the font fit the message?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Will my readers care about it?

A short list but that’s the thing making things simple seems to work best when thought out.

So in closing you should now have a better idea of how to create shareable content. Furthermore you will know what aspects of your content you should focus in on. But if you are still a little confused here below is another list that compiles everything that we have talked about.

  1. Imagery: Choose wisely and ensure it suits you and your message you want to communicate.
  2. Colours: With there significant effect on emotions it is important to ensure you pick the colour that reflects the mood you want.
  3. Font: These have the same influence on emotions as colours so use our chart to help you choose the right font.
  4. Hashtags: Quotes are an easy fix for creating content quickly if your tight for time. But do think about it and include hash tags so it goes viral. Hope this post helps you in creating shareable content see you on the next one.

Considering we are now working with some major brands and small business on there social media. With our social media packages check theme out HERE. We are gaining some considerable insight into social media and know what works. So get in touch so we can start working on yours.

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