Which Digital Advertising Methods Is The Most Effective To Implement

We all work hard at achieving success from organic search results. But when we consider paying for advertising we have often decided against it. But let’s face it paid advertising works and works very well when planned, managed and implemented correctly. Especially if you are not creating content on a regular bases you will need to consider it. Even content marketers  pay for advertising but may not admit to it. A successful online presence requires the use of various strategies to become visible to the masses.

Social Media

Any company that wants to take marketing online seriously social media needs to be considered. Because if you continue to leave it on the long finger you will soon become invisible and will be to late to join the party.

Any company that wants to enhance their brand and amplify their message need to plug themselves into social media. With tools such as engagement, content, Twitter handles, unique urls and vivid imagery.

Advertising on social media is a tricky task as there needs to be a balance between user experience and pure advertising. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer various advertising options. But the good news is that you pay for what you get so the cost is easy to manage. These advertisements are based on pay per click and pay for impression options making it easy to budget. So let’s look at a few of these below.


Facebook used to be the place to catch up with friends and family. Now the same happen except all interaction between family and friends get surrounded with adds. Facebook is also where many go to air out there grievances and delight for companies, products, services and issues.

Similar to Google PPC campaigns where advertisers hangout to bid for clicks, impressions on various keywords then get these displayed on the right verticle bar like shown below.

Facebook recently introduced newsfeed ad posts for those who have an active Facebook page. These have proven to be the most successful with a better return on investment. These will be found in a social context so imagery and quality photos are a must.

So should you be advertising on Facebook?

Well unfortunately there are no shortcuts yet it is not impossible. Time and effort is needed here and you don’t have the time find someone who can manage and implement a social media campaign for you. Facebook is a fantastic platform for B2C where marketers gain insight from customers and where businesses can have quality interactions with their customers.

The parameters provided by Facebook to advertise makes it very easy to be specifically targeted to the right audience. This gives a higher return on investment and saves time and effort. Advertising on Facebook is becoming increasingly easier with mobile apps allowing advertisers edit un performing adds and increase budgets on successful ones.


Where Facebook is pure advertising that allows business to get their message out to the masses. Twitter is more subtle about it where you pay more for importants and where advertising is not as blatant but informative and encourages twitter users to follow your business for more interesting updates.

Banner Adds

Banner adds can have a massive impact on a brand in terms of getting consumers to think of you.When they consider products and services that you and your company provide. Banner adds may not achieve huge click through rates.

But do greatly assist in brand visibility with a targeted audience. The ability banner adds give is they can be adjusted to be shown where ever make most sense during a campaign. Below are examples of some banner adds the type of adverts that best suit these are ones that are creative not serious but actionable.


Probably the most effective type of advertising in terms of financial budgets proving less expensive than many other forms. Ideal for cash strapped business owners and have proven to be very effective.

These blend into the background of websites with hopes of snagging views and clicks. PPC best suits companies that allot of services that can’t have them all on an image. The most successful  PPC ads are ones that drop details, and go for the sale with amazing  prices and compelling calls to action.


This is a basic run through of advertising options some more effective that others but all play their own individual part to play in online advertising. If you are still not sure of what type of adverts and campaigns best suit you please feel free to contact us here at and we will simplify the process for you and get you started on your successful marketing campaing.

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