How To Create A Buzz And More Likes For Your Facebook Page

You may not be a big name brand on social media yet, but you soon could be. By implementing a few simple strategies over a long period of time could make all that happen. Having face book page likes will ensure that you have a large audience to market your products and services to. Although there has been many rumblings lately over the impact of new changes within the Facebook platform. Yet it is still remains the ultimate market place where you should be to get the word out about your business.

Social Media Strategy


Setting up a featured image to your  business page, filling in some sections and sharing some content is not enough anymore and let’s face it never was. Successful social media needs a strategies and it needs planning. Furthermore any half hearted efforts will just not cut it. With a well thought out plan that is documented, tracked and measured.

You have a better chance for success because at least you can easily see what’s working and what isn’t. Then from this point you can fix what’s not working with something new and more effective. Then what ever is working you can continue to work on how to do it better.

Engagement So Simple But Effective


Let’s face it none of us are going to be compelled to like a page especially if nobody is willing to talk to us.  That’s all it really takes is a friendly Hello, Goodbye, Yes, No and Thanks Very Much, all simple phrases but will get the conversation going.

Furthermore sharing content with your own comments that add to the conversation will get the ball rolling for you. Also remember it’s not all about it’s about community conversations then connections that form into likes.

Share Some Content


Don’t be afraid to share other peoples content. We all have mentors or people and businesses that we look up to. So if you are not creating your own content you can shade content belonging to the authorities in your industry.

But make sure to notify the creator of that piece of content using the mentions function. This will help to add to the engagement aspect of your social media which is essential.

Contests “We All Like To Win”


If you are in a position to offer products and services for a competition this will probably become one of your cornerstones of your marketing.  A prise to the value of 20 and 50 could give your page a real buzz every week. Eventually giving you a flow of new and loyal customers for your business.

Don’t Forget To Boost


This is like adding fuel to your social media they are by no means the only answer to social media success. But it would definitely be worth your while placing a budget for this every month. This is because your competitors are doing the same and you don’t want to be left behind.

Facebook Like Box


This is a no brainer and will get you a few more likes easily every week with little effort. So place this in your side bar or where ever makes the most sense for you and allow that traffic you get to your site to funnel through to likes on your Face book page.

Now Let’s Sum It All Up


Mow that we have given you a few simple tips now we can sum things ito a list so you will come away with some actionable steps that you can implement straight away.

  • Plan out your strategy for social media success you will make great progress. If you need help with this please feel free to contact us or visit our social media page HERE . We will be more than willing to help it’s what we love doing.
  • Start boosting posts to gain more eye balls on your content products and services. We can always monitor and test this out for you so to get you the best results.
  • Create contests for your fans and followers and generate a buzz around your presence online.
  • Engage with your audience and get to know them and show that you appreciate their time and effort.
  • Share content you love that’s produced by others and let them know about it and build that community.

These are only a few tips but will get you started and should produce some good results for you. Then once all this is implemented we will come back with some more hinth and tips for your online success  story.

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