Google Plus And Your Seo Strategy

Social media has taken off and has had a big impact on today’s SEO. Google’s social media site Google Plus, has come in and promises to offer more help for better ranking on the search engine’s search results. Described as a service connecting social media, communications and people with the aim of helping your website rank higher on search results, Google plus has gained more prominence especially with Google updates that continue shaping the SEO world. Below we will look at just how to use Google plus to successfully achieve this objective.

Google plus is mostly used by content marketers and bloggers to associate their content to their authorship this is directly aimed at establishing their authority within the niche they serve. By creating relevant content on the specific niche the search engine can identify you as an authority in the niche you serve. Google plus aims at improving user experience by helping users access the most relevant and up to date content from established authors. This means that established google authorship will have a bearing on the results generated to users through the search engine.

To successfully use Google plus to improve your SEO begins with the creation of a Google pus account that is optimized to be appealing to potential followers. Fill in all the required details and make it as professional as possible. No one will follow accounts that seem to be incomplete no matter the niche served.

Once you have optimized your profile you should link it to all your online connections including website(s) and social media networks to make it easy for the search engine to connect all the content you have on different networks. This also makes it easy for others to connect and follow you using the Google +1 button.

Finally it’s time to create relevant content that users will be more than happy to follow. Make sure that you maintain frequent posting of content and make it as engaging as possible to involve other followers.

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