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“In Social Media, people—whether it’s seafarers or CEOs—don’t want third person narratives that are pushed out…like press releases or TV ads. They expect a human touch. And if companies have that, and it’s not in a manufactured way, they will be rewarded big time.”— Jonathan Wichmann, Head of Social Media,

Amplify Your Message NOW !

When given the proper attention and focus, social media can amplify your brand and message driving your business to new heights.
These powerful social media platforms integrated with your overall marketing and operational strategy.

Online social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + You Tube, and blogs, are all highly personal with high conversion rates and can result in life time customers.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

  1.  60% of Irish people have a Facebook account, and 72% of users check the site every day.
  2.  28% of Irish people have a Twitter account and 37% of users check Twitter everyday.
  3.  24% of Irish people have a LinkedIn account and is the third most popular social network, 15% say that they check it everyday.
  4.  10% of Irish people have a Pinterest account with over 34% checking it every day.

Social media is playing an ever increasing role when it comes to building your brand and business online.
Social Media Marketing allows you to be visible and available in the virtual world for potential customers and clients that will naturally investigate you and your brand across these channels.

Showcase Your Brand

  1.  Is your social presence showcasing your business in the right way?
  2.  Is your social presence sending the right message?
  3.  Is your brand being talked about online?


“Maximizing the power of social media can create a considerable fan base that will continue to follow you and buy from you.”

Share Your Brand

Unlike traditional ads social networks allows your business to share your brand over a longer period of time allowing you to grow a long term fan and customer base.

Allowing you to sell more products and services to a constantly growing consumer base. This ability to sell more is starting to catch on and more and more businesses are reap the benefits.

Successful Brands are now leveraging the interactive capabilities within social platforms to educate and motivate their consumers about their brand, products, services and business.

Some of the most successful promotions have employed the power of social networks to create a fan base that didn’t exist prior to the promotion.

Crafting compelling promotions With the power of Social Media Optimisation get’s cash registers to ring, put more butts in seats, and creates life time fans for you and your business.

Smart, effective promotions don’t require you to have a million fans before activation. When brainstormed and built right, these efforts can be the key to doubling or tripling a smaller social presence overnight, with SMO Services.

Social Media Marketing