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Why Use Pro SEO Irelands – Search Engine Optimization ?


Our SEO in Dublin & Ireland

We offer effective (SEO) Search Engine Optimization for your website. “Your website doesn’t appear on Google for the searches you want”?.
Don’t Worry Pro SEO Ireland can get it sorted for you Now. Let us take a quick look at your website’s SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). We will give you a free Analysis report on how you’re website is doing and whether it is Ranking in the Serps.
Don’t let your website suffer with bad Rankings anymore in Google, act now! Starting from now you can get those searches you’ve always wanted. Resulting in more customers and Lots more sales. Contact Pro SEO Ireland Today and get your Campaign Kicked off to a flying Start.

Great Services & Free Analysis Reports

Regular SEO Maintenance ensure’s your website achieves first-page listings and keeps them.  After a full SEO analysis we will recommend the best suited SEO approach to be carried out for your website.
Our aim is to put your website on the first page of Google for the keyword search terms that are related directly to your website. Getting your website to the first Page, top 3 for high Converting keywords will bring you the business and ROI you’ve always wanted.’

This will:

  • Improve your websites position
  • Increase Relevent Traffic
  • Maximize website conversions


Benefits of Optimizing your Website

Web optimization is a common term used among website operators or owners. This is because it is used to increase web traffic to your site. Statistics has revealed that many people tend to use their mobile phones more often compared to their computers. Websites are commonly used by companies or institutions to pass certain information to their targeted audience.

People also use them for various reasons ranging from downloading apps and songs, making payments and getting certain information among others. If they are not optimized properly, they can be difficult to use on mobile phones.

There are many reasons why various online business owners and operators should optimize them properly. Before going into details, it is important to define the term optimization. Website optimization enables users to easily navigate through different sites on their mobile phones. Here are some advantages of optimizing:

  • Improved user experience – Using desktop websites on mobile phones is very challenging. It makes navigation through them very difficult. When it is optimized correctly, it immensely improves users experience in various ways. Users can easily navigate through mobile versions without any complications.
  • Brand identity as earlier stated, most people tend to use mobile phones. Brands who sites are mobile friendly can easily gain popularity as a person can easily navigate through them. It has been proved that customers like visiting brands’ websites that have are mobile friendly.
  • When they are search engine friendly, they become easy to navigate through by mobile phone users. As a result, users can get the information they are looking for within a short period.
  • Convert users into potential clients – Mobile optimization has been proved to enable customers access information within a short period. It has been proved that customers love websites that are easy to navigate. Most of these users can easily convert into potential clients.

Gain more web traffic  

 The most common reason why business people improve their websites is to gain more web traffic. High web traffic is very indirectly influential in the success of an online business or service. Websites which are mobile optimized tend to attract many mobile users. Mobile sites are mostly preferred compared to desktop versions. When many visitors use a website, it gains more traffic. Web traffic plays a great role when it comes to increasing the PR rating on Google. When the traffic increases, ratings, and conversions should also increase. The advantage of a high PR rating is that it makes a website more visible to the public. As a result, the sales of a brand might drastically increase. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

There are many things affect the ratings of a website. They range from content among others. There are some factors a person needs to put into consideration before choosing a mobile optimization agency. A person should go for an experienced company that has been in the industry for a long time. So if you are looking how to rank top of Google, then have a read at our beginners guide blog. 

Pro Seo’s Maintenance Plans

Pro SEO Ireland offer an extensive Maintenance plan for your website, As when you get to the top you`ll want to stay there!
We will monitor your websites progress ensuring that you keep your position and grow your position by tweaking your Search engine optimization as the Search engines change their Algorithms like Google, who can have up to 3 Algorithm changes per month.
You will receive an SEO report Weekly & Monthly on your SEO Campaigns progress. Maintenance plans start from only €199 per month.
Call Pro SEO Dublin or Monaghan Offices : 01 400 4188 or 042 966 3009


  • Victor

    Literature Review Center

    literature Review CenterI have just reviewed the latest ranking report and I'd just like to express my gratitude for the work that you are doing. I have noted remarkable improvements in our rankings.

  • Hugh Moore, CHI Attics


    CHI AtticsThe Social Media Team in Pro SEO are excellent as they have been running my Facebook , Twitter & Google Plus pages and You Tube also. They post daily and have increased my visitors dramatically on all channels.
    Thanks Lads.

  • Carol McGirl


    Pro Training
    I have used the services of Pro SEO for my company Pro Training (First Aid, Manual handling). I would like to recommend Derek and his team on the high standards of professionalism and their consistency. Derek and his team have followed through on everything that they said they would do for Pro Training. I would highly recommend this company and hope that they will continue to help me reach my goals in relation to my own business. Carol McGirl, Pro Training.

  • Cathal Molloy

    Best Wedding Bands

    Beacon-optProseo have over exceeded our expectations. They work in a very professional manner and do a lot more compared to other SEO companies. With 18 keywords ranking on the first page of Google, we are more than delighted with the site performance and ranking, so great work on their end. We would highly recommend them to any online business, as it is an invaluable investment.

  • Sailesh Tupsy


    Clean4u-opt"Hi Guys,

    I would like to thank all of the team at proseo.ie for their professional SEO Services. We started off with very little visibility and poor rankings on Google. Within 6 months we have over 25 relevant keywords on the first page of Google. Due to this, we have increased our online sales dramatically. Derek and his team are very friendly & helpful and I would highly recommend them for SEO."

  • Ger Byrne

    Abbeylawn Garden Products

    Abbylawn-opt“After 2013 Penguin Update I changed SEO Companies as I had lost all my Rankings on 3 websites. I Hired PRO SEO to sort out my Rankings and the Google Penguin Penalty. After 6 months they had gotten my 3 websites back on first page. My Google Manual Action was lifted and I am still with PRO SEO today as they maintain and continue to grow my rankings and Leads.”

  • Dino Vidan

    Vanity Fair

    cityinvest“I Started with PROSEO in 2014 in the hope they could increase my Ranking visibility on Google.
    I am very happy with their work and we now have 6 Number 1 Positions and 18 Keywords in the Top 10 on Google.ie, Business & Enquiries via the website have increased too.
    They got our website through the Penguin 3 update on October 2014 with flying colours and we are Top of our Market today.
    Thank you to PRO SEO Team. ”

  • Declan Webb

    Webbs Auto Body

    cityinvest“I hired PRO SEO to do my SEO Marketing as our rankings were poor. After 3 months we are now 14 keywords in the Top Ten and 6 keywords in the Top 3 and we are number 2 for Auto Body Repairs / Body Repairs in Ireland…….Thanks Lads for your dedication. ”

  • Aidan

    City Investigations

    cityinvest“After searching and trying one or two SEO company’s I found Pro SEO. It says it all really that they are to be found very high in Google for their chosen key words! I was a bit reluctant at the start as I thought these guys would charge me an arm and a leg but I have found ProSEO to be very fair on price and I can say very dedicated and hard-working. I am already ranking extremely well in Google at this early stage of my campaign. Derek the boss is always on call to assist with any queries I may have. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending ProSEO as a first port of call for any work you may require online. ”

  • Ronan Bennett

    Athboy Plant Hire

    athboy“I basically called Derek and his team at ProSEO because i was ranking pretty poorly on google for most/all of my keywords (really, i was on the 19th page!). Derek talked me through the ins and outs of how SEO works and how he would be able to get me the outcome i was wanting….. Now at 1st I was sceptical but in the end ProSEO really have come through for me and i now have 21 keywords on the 1st page of google and 12 of them in the top 3!!!! I really would recommend ProSEO for their services.”

  • Paddy Clarke

    Paddy Clarke Photography

    Paddy Clarke“Hi Derek,


    “Thank you so much for our new website, you have always been on the end of the phone to help us and have been so helpful with all my questions. I have a lot of photographer friends who are jealous and very impressed with my website. I would have no problem recommending you to anyone. . ”

  • Ruairi O’Connor

    Rauiri O'Connor Magician

    Rauiri 1”Hi Derek,


    Thanks again for all the work you did in delivering my new site.

    “From the initial scope of work meeting, through the various phases of design, implementation and go-live the team at PRO SEO were dedicated, professional, talented and so driven to over deliver on the requirements agreed to. The site went live ahead of schedule and the results in terms of feedback re visitor traffic and confirmed bookings have exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend the team at PRO SEO; engage their services today to achieve the results you desire for your business. ”

  • Beacon Face

    Mr Kambiz Golchin

    Beacon-opt"I needed to get my Website to first page on Google so i contacted PRO SEO.ie to evaluate my website. My Rankings were terrible and i was nowhere against my Competitors. Now after 6 months I have 18 Keywords in number 1 position with another 21 keywords in the top 2 - 7 on first page also………Far better results that all my Competitors now. Thank you to Derek and his SEO Team"

  • Gerry Duffy

    Gerry Duffy

    gerryduffy1I was planning my Internet marketing strategy for the next 12 to 18 months and thought it was a good idea to get some expert advice. The analysis and recommendations from ProSeo were fantastic. They reviewed my website and within a few weeks I saw my rankings jump at Google – not just a few places, but by a FEW PAGES. I am now ranking on Page One for almost every keyword and Long Tail that I requested.

    These lads know what they are talking about, and they make this stuff easy to understand.
    This is an investment I would recommend to anyone who wants better results from their Internet marketing!

    I now have a great looking website, it works well, it’s not only is it top ranked at Google, it now generates real enquiries, and we’re regularly closing sales.

    As my Dad used to say “ if you think hiring a Professional is expensive – just wait until you hire an Amateur”…. Derek and his Team at ProSeo are truly PROFESSIONAL !